#picturesfromhome2020 - Post your photos from the quarantine

Those who take pictures want to go out into the world, discover it, capture it and share it with others.
Covid-19 now forces people all over the world to retreat into the privacy of their homes and to limit interpersonal contacts to the bare essentials. This is unusual for each of us. But even within these new, narrow boundaries we can become creative. That is why we call on all people, whether professional photographer, amateur or mobile phone snapshot taker, to take pictures from and in their own quarantine. It doesn't matter whether you work in a documentary or staged way, photographing yourself, your family, your home or your garden: Unlike your freedom of movement, there are no limits to your imagination!

Post the photos under the hashtag #picturesfromhome2020 on Instagram or Facebook. By doing so, you help us to make the quarantine period a little bit better. At the same time, we all create a unique document of time with our pictures about this extraordinary and for all of us stressful time.


Iona Dutz - Weltreise in Gedanken, Leipzig, 042020.jpg
© Iona Dutz - Weltreise in Gedanken, Leipzig, 042020
Dominik Dunsch - Suburbia_141.jpg
© Dominik Dunsch - Suburbia_141
Christoph Stallkamp - Good morning quarantine.jpg
© Christoph Stallkamp - Good morning quarantine
Damian Zimmermann - Homeoffice.jpg
© Damian Zimmermann, Homeoffice
Alina Gross - Quarantine Days, 5.April 2020, Bochum.jpg
© Alina Gross, Quarantine Days, 5.April 2020, Bochum
Luise Flügge - Selfisolation 2020404.jpg
© Luise Flügge, Selfisolation 2020404
Kevin Wolf - Fenstergeschichten.jpg
© Kevin Wolf, Fenstergeschichten
Theo Barth - Corona lockdown. Lotte T.jpg
© Theo Barth, Corona lockdown. Lotte T
Susanna Johanna Keip - Reflektion.jpg
© Susanne Johanna Keip, Reflektion
Natalya Reznik - Bavarian Gothic.jpg
© Natalya Reznik, Bavarian Gothic