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Philipp Goldbach

As part of our residency project Artist Meets Archive #2, Cologne-based artist Philipp Goldbach is accompanying the relocation of the Rheinisches Bildarchiv. Here he talks about his interest in archives and gives an outlook on his work with the RBA.

The Rheinische Bildarchiv, Dr. Johanna Gummlich

The Rheinische Bildarchiv comprises about 5.4 million photographs in a wide variety of formats - Director Dr. Johanna Gummlich introduces us to the archive, which reflects the holdings of the Cologne museums. Does she have a favourite work or is it nicer to move from one picture to the next? This is the second time the RBA participates in the Artist Meets Archive project. This year the special feature is that the archive is moving. Artist Philipp Goldbach deals with the appearance of archives and documents this change for us.

Forum for Photography, Norbert Moos

Norbert Moos founded the Forum of Photography in Cologne in 2003 to create a meeting place for photography and to represent unknown positions, e.g. from Asia, India or South America. Here he presents his exhibition concept and the current exhibition of Valery Faminsky, a Russian photographer who was in Berlin with the armed forces in 1945.

Fighting for the forest - A media project by David Klammer

"Please allow more freedom for individual development", was the demand of an occupant of the Hambach Forest. This film provides insights into David Klammer's project "Fighting for the Forest". We see pictures and hear quotes about life in the forest, the complex relationship with the state and the struggle against a large corporation. 

Fotoraum Köln e.V., Andreas Weinand

Fotoraum Köln e.V. is a place for international contemporary photography, from documentary to experimental photography. At the Photoszene Festival 2020 Andreas Weinand would have been the guest of Fotoraum Köln e.V. In this film the artist is introduced.

Live talk in German language

Tonight you can also be there live at the Photoszene Artist Meets Archive program at 7pm - online from your own computer: The conversation between the artist Philipp Goldbach and the director of the Rheinisches Bildarchiv Johanna Gummlich will be broadcast live on facebook. Goldbach has already been accompanying the relocation of the Rheinisches Bildarchiv for several months as an invited Artist Meets Archive artist. The conversation about the transitory process of repackaging 5.4 million images and dissolving and restoring their order structure will be accompanied by invited guests Alex Grein (artist, Düsseldorf), Susanne Diekmann (DGPh) and Heide Häusler (Photoszene).
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