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FROH Kollektiv - Archaeology of the present

Can a city be an archive? This is what the FROH Kollektiv is researching in the city of Hamm.
It all began in the Georgian capital Tbilisi with the investigation of the transformation of the city. What is preserved, what is overwritten? Change always leaves traces - more or less visible. In the Augmented Reality project "Archaeology of the Present", the interior of a high bunker was made visible or the historical tram was put back on track, for example, in cooperation with the city archive of Hamm and with the help of contemporary witnesses.


KOLUMBA and the Klaus Peter Schnüttger-Webs

>> After long and tough negotiations with the Hong Kong Museum of Art, we succeeded in borrowing one of only three meditation dias by Klaus Peter-Schnüttger-Webs. To contemplate it we need a particularly high level of concentration and calmness, so that we can feel the same intensity as Schnüttger-Webs when making it. <<

In its current exhibition, the Kolumba provides an insight into the Klaus Schnüttger-Webs archive. The art figure was created in 1981 by photographer Ulrich Tillmann (1951-2019). Only a small circle of people know that the photo engineer and art historian, who has been working at the Museum Ludwig since 1986, was also an excessive collector. In 1986, together with Bettina Gruber and Maria Vedder, he founded the fictional (Anti-)museum Klaus Peter Schnüttger-Webs Museum. As its director, he created an institution with a wide variety of departments over a period of 38 years, dedicated entirely to the work of the still unknown universal genius.


Kunstwerk - "Storage"

Are artists archives themselves? Or do artists have archives? The Kunstwerk Köln shows twelve artists from Cologne, Dortmund, Munich, Berlin, St. Gallen and Seoul, who, despite the highly different photographic working methods, find a common ground in their examination of their own archives. The development, presentation and use of the archived material of their own and others' images, stimuli and impulses and their influence on their own work are the focus of the group exhibition "Storage", curated by Bernhard Peters.