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After Covid-19 forced people all over the world to withdraw into their own four walls and limit interpersonal contacts to the bare essentials, the photo scene has launched a call to post photos from their own domestic isolation. Under the hashtag #picturesfromhome2020 more than 1,700 photos have already been uploaded to Instagram. They give us a sensitive, melancholic and often very humorous insight into the mostly very private situations of people from all parts of the world. We discover commonalities across country and continent borders and at the same time see how individually the individual deals with the difficult situation. This is how a very special contemporary document about this extraordinary and stressful time for all of us is created. Project initiator Damian Zimmermann shows a selection of the submissions.

Beyond III
In 2016, Beyond was initiated as a photography magazine in newspaper format to initiate a dialogue between photographers that would extend to the wider community. The third issue of the magazine uses the language of art to open a space where photographers from different regions of the world meet, exchange ideas, learn from each other and create new images beyond clichéd and stereotypical perspectives.
The project was conceived and realized by Juliane Herrmann (initiator of Beyond and freelance photographer, Cologne) and Marie Köhler (photographer and media artist, Cologne) in cooperation with the Internationale Photoszene Köln, the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum - Kulturen der Welt and the AfricologneFESTIVAL.
In a conversation between Juliane Herrmann, Marie Köhler and Lucia Halder (Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum) you will learn more about the magazine, which will be available from May 22nd!


Bonus track: Roger Ballen
The New York-born photographer, Roger Ballen - who has been based in South Africa for over thirty years now- is one of the most recognized and innovative photographers of his generation. The son of a Magnum Photo editor, Roger Ballen became involved in photography at the age of thirteen. Producing mainly black and white photographs, Ballen masters this medium. He uses his camera to capture something both radical and indescribable: the psyche. 
Now he sends greetings from Johannesburg where, during the lockdown caused by Corona, he has found his way back to his former means of expression, namely painting.

Many thanks to the Cologne gallery Karsten Greve, which represents the internationally acclaimed photo artist, for this unique viewing and listening experience, which enriches our Photoszene On Air program. Information about the current program and opening hours of the gallery can be found here.