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© Andreas Gefeller; Clouds 046; 2019; 80 x 64cm


© Andreas Gefeller; Clouds 051; 2019; 153 x 123cm


© Andreas Gefeller; The Other Side Of Light 025; Wasserreflex 2018; 115 x 153cm


© Andreas Gefeller; The Other Side Of Light 037; Funken 2018; 110 x 82.5cm

ANDREAS GEFELLER (1970, DÜSSELDORF) Inherent in the work of Andres Gefeller is the quiet poetry of intense observation. Prompted by an almost scientific curiosity and enthusiasm for natural phenomena, Gefeller looks for images behind the outward appearance. By highlighting trails and revealing structures, he pursues his own fascination with a changing environment and attempts to shed light on existential issues.

Thomas Rehbein Galerie
Aachener Str. 5
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William Anastasi, Dove Bradshaw, Heinz Breloh, Andreas Gefeller, Benjamin Houlihan, François Jacob, Pauline M’barek, Peter Tollens

08.05. – 20.06.2020

Tue – Fri 11a.m. – 1 p.m. + 2 – 6 p.m.
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Thomas Rehbein Galerie

Thomas Rehbein Galerie