May 31st


The Ebertplatz: a now well-known and popular hotspot of Cologne with four exhibition rooms. Protected from wind and weather by a passage, it is a perfect place for any art festival. With its interim use concept financed by the city, Ebertplatz is a great place to get involved and to cooperate closely with the city administration, the local actors and those in the surrounding districts and to shape life on Ebertplatz. And: The only analogue photo booth in the whole of NRW is located there.


The group Archivkomplex commemorates the collapse of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne and the loss of two human lives every year on March 3rd. In this article we see photographic positions of the group.

Niehler Freiheit

We close Photoszene On Air with Niehler Freiheit, which is dedicated to the theme of free spaces. The master class of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie from Berlin wanted to build walls and move them in to be able to realize the exhibition for the Photoszene Festival there. Perhaps we will see the works next year ...

Good-Bye (in German language)

... it was great, but it's even better live and in color. That's why we are already looking forward to the Photoszene-Festival 2021 with you in Cologne!