Anna Orłowska

For our residency project Art Meets Archive the Polish artist Anna Orłowska is researching in the German Dance Archive Cologne. In a skype meeting she described her general interest in archives, the way she has already dealt with them in earlier works and what she is planning for her AMA exhibition at the Photoszene-Festival 2021.

Thomas Thorausch, The German Dance Archive Cologne

The German Dance Archive is one of the most traditional archives on the history and present of dance. The deputy director of the archive, Thomas Thorausch, introduces us to its holdings. How many different perspectives are there on dance? In how many different ways has movement in dance been dealt with? What do photo albums tell us about the life of a dancer? Infinite worlds open up for AMA artist Anna Orłowska.

Thomas Zander Gallery

Gallery Thomas Zander has been in existence since 1996 and focuses on straight and street photography and well-known artists such as Candida Höfer and Peter Downsbrough. The gallery owner Zander describes the value he places on Cologne and the Rhineland and introduces us to the current exhibition in the series " dialogue exhibitions": Sabine Moritz and Robert Adams deal with interiors and abandoned spaces and thus fit in well with our current situation.

Boisserée Gallery

During the Photoszene-Festival 2020, Galerie Boisserée would actually have shown works by Spanish artist Rubin Martin De Lucas. The exhibition was postponed until the end of June. Here we get a first insight into the works.

Thomas Rehbein Gallery

When Galerie Thomas Rehbein opened in 1995, Cologne was still one of the most important cities for the art market in Germany. At first the focus was on painting, later photographic positions were added, which were based on painting. Since the beginning of the 2000s Rehbein has worked together with Andreas Gefeller, whose work he presents here.