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Joan Fontcuberta

Spanish artist Joan Fontcuberta is the first of a total of five participating artists of the residency project Artist Meets Archive #2, which we present this week. Fontcuberta has already dealt with archives in earlier works; for the photo scene he is researching at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne. We asked him why he is so interested in working with archives and what he is planning for his exhibition project for the Photoszene Festival 2021.


German Aerospace Center, Jessica Wichner

Jessika Wichner heads the Central Archive of the German Aerospace Center and here she not only introduces us to the extensive collection of photographic material, but also answers the question of her own favourite work and gives us a preview of Artist Meets Archive #2 with Joan Fontcuberta.


Julian Sander gallery

Julian Sander is already a gallery owner in the second generation. He focuses on political and social themes. For him, photography is the strongest means of expression for this and Cologne is one of the most interesting cities to deal with it. At the moment the exhibition "Boquante" is on view, an almost autobiographical show on the occasion of his father's 80th birthday. Julian Sander gives us an introduction, but also tells us how the galleries deal with Corona.


Sara Hoffmann at Matjö - Raum für Kunst

Sara Hoffmann shows her work "Ohne Sorge" in the Matjö - Raum für Kunst shop window, which is part of her diploma thesis at the KHM. It deals with the coexistence of different living beings, especially humans and plants. Here the artist presents her work.